Hey ya gary ,,,,,just wondering do think you ever might do a tour around Ireland or the Uk if you could let me know be much apreciated,,,,
Kindest Regards
your facebook friend

saw you and madoca/prince last night at arizona's; i sat right in front. took a lot of pictures with my smartphone. where can i send them



Hello!!! I was looking at the pictures from my Grand Opening at Laissez Faire (Marietta) where you played for my party and wondered if you were still playing in the area.

Bill and I will have to come out to Cafe 290 to hear you play on a Sunday soon....

All the best!
Dianne Edwards

I am interested in knowing how much you charge to perform. I am looking at having a holiday jazz event next year and am getting a head start. I live in Delaware,. Looking forward to hearing from you. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Hi Gary, I met you last Sunday evening while sitting at the bar. I'm the guy that was visiting from California...I purchased your CD and I must say that I'm extremely impressed. Keep up the great work and I will certianly put you on my priority list when I return. If you are on Itunes or other douwnload sites, I will tell my friends. Keep up the great work.


My name is George Alford and I'm an upcoming playwright and screenwriter. I was referred to you by Nichele Bean, a poet. I am trying to make and produce a independent film. I am looking for a musician that can act and play the saxophone for my movie. It is a non-paid project, so I am looking for someone (Afro-American male, 25-35) trying to get their feet wet. If you know of anyone, can you please hit me up or have them hit me up at 770-639-5620, georgec151@aol.com or I'm on facebook: George Alford. Not sure if you can help me, but I thank you for reading my comment anyway. Be blessed.

Hi Gary,

You know me as TFH2228 on Twitter. I had to deactivate my account there today because I was a little tired of the stuff going on there daily but I would still like to keep following you on your site. You can reach me via the email given or follow on my blogpage at www.therrsplace.blogspot.com Hey thanks for your funny daily comments and your descriptions of life for the working musician. Thanks again,

Tom Herrera

Just stopping by to show all the love and support. I really had fun at the late night jam session for the jazz festival as well as at the Library. Singing with you was great. I look forward to more from you soon.


Hi Mr. Harris. I was inquiring about the All Star Jazz Session at Cafe 290. I know of an awesome drummer by the name of Brien Andrews who would be a tremendous asset to your ensemble. Would you please be so kind as to giving me some information, so that I may relay it back to him? Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you!

looking forward to gigging with you all that jazz!

Hola Senor Harris! I had the pleasure of catching your band at Library Coffee Co. last night (I was on the couch with my date...not the old folks that were all up on each other] and I thought you guys were kickin'! I can't wait to see y'all again.

Rock on!


i saw you and dawn mc clain live at @ willies, im a huge fan. do you guys play cafe 290 every sunday.

i would like to bring my wife this coming sunday

hey dude what's up enjoy your site. send me your email



Good Morning,
My name is Erika Alexander and I am with the Baby and I Foundation. You were featured on our tickets from last year's silent auction for your performances at Sambuca for Jazz Beat Sundays. I am currently gathering all interested talents and I was wondering if you would be interested in playing for our event. It is a charity event and I am not concrete as to the exact date, it will be near the end of February but that will be solidified by the end of the week. Please let me know at your earliest convience via email or phone at 678-557-2677. Thank you in advance.

Kevin KalimbaMan Spears

Through an eclectic mix of funk, world beat and jazz, Kevin Spears "KalimbaMan" has become one of the most innovative artists on the African musical instrument made famous by Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire called kalimba.

Just a follow-up to my conversation regarding your participation in Stompin' at the SAVOY" 2010. I like the photo of you in home site of this web site and would like to use it in the marketing for 2010. I will get with you sometime in January to confirm with deposit your participation. Thanks again.

Gary: Thank you for being generous with your time this evening at Cafe 290.
You and the band sounded great and i will try to make it out another Sunday.
I really appreciated your help.
Have a great Thanksgiving and Holiday Season
Adam Komesar

Hey cuttie! I enjoyed meeting you last night. You looked so sexy sipping on that Long Island Tea.

Give me a call.

hello there,

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Harry Melchior
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Listen at http://www.swissgroove.ch/listen.m3u


Hey Gary!!
Hope you are doing well! Great here. I'm producing a CD right now that I'd like to get some sax trax on. Would you be into playing? I think 2 songs - maybe 3. I'm pretty efficient in my studio so we'd be looking at around 1/2 hr to an hour per song and I can get you a ruff MP3 before hand if you' like. I like the fresh & unrehearsed vibe alot too tho, so I'm game for winging it. I get some of my best takes from players that way. Not the biggest budget - I know we can do $50 per song and get both/all songs done in a single session.

Schedule is flexible and we can do it when you can. Literally anytime from 10am to 2am, I'm in the studio and any day of the week. So you name the time and I'll make it work.

Give me a call if you'd rather. I called your number and got the fax machine so let me know if you have a new #.

Look forward to hearing from you and seeing you again!!!
(404) 429-7916

1101 N. Sunset Canyon
Burbank, CA 91504

June 26, 2009

Please excuse this form letter. I have been writing about jazz for 30 years, having reviewed thousands of recordings and contributed to all of the main jazz magazines including Jazz Times, Jazziz and Downbeat. I have also written ten books on jazz, most recently The Jazz Singers.

I thought I’d drop you a line to tell you that I am expanding my writing beyond reviews, articles and historical essays. I am also writing liner notes (over 550 thus far), press biographies, press releases and website content (including an in-depth interview of you for your website). If you would like any writing done in the future, please consider me. For more information about me, please visit my website: www.scottyanow.com.

All artists want more visibility which can lead to more CD sales, gigs and concerts. Every artist needs a great bio and an informative website. Every CD needs well-written liner notes. There is no point in putting out exciting recordings that few get to hear.

I am regularly asked by artists who are releasing their self-produced CDs and do not have a hard-working publicist, “Who should I send copies of my recordings to?" I have the answer. Recently I compiled two lists of names and mailing addresses of important writers who regularly review jazz CDs. My journalist lists, available individually for a fee, include one that has 35 writers and an expanded list containing 75 jazz journalists.

In addition, I have an extensive Jazz Radio Station List that includes information on 115 stations that play jazz at least part of the time and, for songwriters, a list of 65 jazz singers who have expressed a strong interest in trying out and performing new material. Please contact me for further details as far as the costs and the contents of these lists.

Recently I compiled an extensive Jazz Club List that has information on approximately 400 clubs from all 50 of the United States including mailing addresses, websites, phone numbers and usually the E-mails and contacts.

If you have a recent CD out that you'd like me to consider reviewing for one of the publications I write for, please feel free to send it along.

Thanks for your consideration.


Scott Yanow

What's up Gary. i hope all is well with you...I am helping a friend with an event on july 15th, "The Atl club awards" We are recognizing atlanta night life in various categories including best drinks, best atmosphere, etc. i was wondering if you would consider being a presenter for the best live entertainment venue. Let me know, thanks!!

I ams contacting youj in regards to a performance opportunity for my artist "LoveChild". LoveChild is a songwriter/composer who is dedicated to his craft. I would appreciate an opportunity for LoveChild to perform at cafe 290 on your sunday set. Please contact me in your earliest convenience via email or by phone: 404-502-0949 so that I may forward some of Lovechild's material for review.

Love your music play it always when you commin to sac let me know we will show you around town wnen is the new cd commin out?Hit me back bro Paul

Congrats Gary! Music sounds great man! I am going to pick up a copy soon...oh yea,and thanks for the drink @ sugar Hill the other week for my b-day! God bless

Hi Gary,

Thx so much for letting sit in last night. It's been years and years since I did that. I used to come and sing late night here in town when you were in grade school. So it was such a pleasure for me. I did mean it when I said you are all very gifted and it was such a joy just to be there and be within the music. I did listen to your disc and it's very nice. I like cut 5 best on first listen. A william Green. I knew him when he was just a kid. LOL Any way thx again, hope to see you soon.


hi gary
this is larry. i am still teaching band in saint louis mo. I am a trumpet player. you always let me play while i am in atlanta.
i hope you remember me. i will be in atlanta this summer.
please call me at 314-367-1326; or email me ;


god bless you

hey gary
i hope you remember me. i am a band teacher in saint louis
missouri. you always let me sit in with your wonderful musicians at cafe 290 during my visits in atlanta. I tried to call
you but i guess you changed your phone #. ( i play trumpet and flueg). i am retiring and planning to relocate to atlanta.
you are a "great" guy and i miss you. Please give me a call at
314-367-1326 or email me at larry.wilson@slps.org.

god bless you


My name is Tiffany. I am with BestofAtlantaConcerts.com. We help artist market their upcoming shows at local venues around Atlanta at no cost to the artist. We are interested in possibly working with you to help market one of your upcoming CD release concert and future shows.

Contact me at: TDail@bestofatlantaconcerts.com

You can check out our Artist Page here:


What is the charge to hire your band to play on Saturday for a couple of hours at my home in carrollton, ga off of I-20. If you are available.

Gary the site looks wonderful

Gary, who's playing with you tonight at londzell's?

Charles from cafe 290

Hey man, is this the site you created or did someone do it for you?

Pretty picture and love the music.

Love you


Dude, Gratz on the CD....

whats up g,
Thanks for responding back...I hope we can hook up and work on getting you down here in columbus soon. hit me up so I can get you on my show!!!

Hey there hansome, love the picture and the music's not bad. smile

G what's up? I haven't talked you in a while. i'm over at circuit city. been here since april. hit me up with your new numbers. Hopefully you got this cd released. I heard some of antonio's new joint. hit me up.



hello there,

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Dear Gary:

I would like to invite you to enter the 5th Annual IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards). IAMA promotes excellence in Acoustic Music Performance and Artistry.

Win prizes in 8 different categories: Best Male Artist, Best Female Artist, Best Group/Duo, Folk/Americana/Roots, AAA/Alternative, Instrumental, Open, Bluegrass/Country. There will also be an Overall Grand Prize winner awarded to the top winner worth US$11,000, which includes radio promotion to over 250 radio stations in US and Canada!

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If you would like to listen to some of our past winners' songs, please click on here on IAMA's myspace page:

Have a super weekend,

Jessica Brandon
Artists Relations

I will be at your party Friday at Londzells. We met earlier this month at Cafe' 290 when you performed with Kipper Jones. We took a picture together. See you Friday to help celebrate your cd and birthday.

Hey Gary,

I met you through Andrea Moore at Cafe 290,

just checking in.

Hit me back when you can, you sound good man.


Kangu Records
2460 N. Lake Ave. #238
Altadena ca. 91001
626 794-1137


hello there,

I working on the programm/playlist creation for the Swissgroove webradio channel

&…ever I look for quality new tunes & grooves

>>>>>> http://www.swissgroove.ch/en/

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Harry Melchior
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best regards
harry/swissgroove audiochannel

Harry Melchior
Playlist Selection/Programm SwissGroove Webradio

Hey dude,
nice CD. I bought one on Thursday and took some nice pictures of you and the group. You manager too! Send me an e-mail and I will send you four of them as attachments.

Baby Sam

Hi Gary, I'll be glad to meet you one of these evenings, I am a French pianist who performed in ATL (cafe 290, Churchil, Buckhead Intercontinental, Atlanta Ballet) 3 years ago, and I like your website and music.
Best . Charly Laz

I've been waiting on your call, sicne you gave your time to monica and not me before you left tuesday morning. left a message also on your other site.

Garyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Thank you for the CD!!!!! (girl from reception hotel in Amsterdam!!)

I just wanted to confirm if you are going to be at Londzell's on the 26th of this month?



Nice smooth sound brother. I will have to come check you out...

July 2, 2008


You may not remember me, i am justin, i met you when i lived in atlanta and worked with ann nesby...i also penned your music bio.

Carlos emailed me to let me know that you finally released your music, it is great to see that you are still working hard and fulfilling your musical goals.

I wanted to drop you a line to say hello, God bless, and keep up the great work!


Justin "Juz" Cooper
Publicist/ASCAP songwriter

hello there,

I working on the programm/playlist creation for the Swissgroove webradio channel

&…ever I look for quality new tunes & grooves

>>>>>> http://www.swissgroove.ch/en/

by interest you can send promo CD(s) over to europe

Harry Melchior
4053 Basel

best regards
harry/swissgroove audiochannel

Harry Melchior
Playlist Selection/Programm SwissGroove Webradio

your cd is fantastic!! congratulations can't wait for your next project.

Loved you show last night. As promised, i'm requesting some pictures. Feel free to send them directly to my email. If possible, would you make them .bmp, or .jpg, or .gif?

I thank you in advance. I hope to be able to attend Sambuka on Thursday and bring a surprise. I may have an idea to boost CD sales.

If you have questions feel free to call 678-663-5916

hey, stacey choi told me about you looking for some string players for a jazz recording and said i should contact you if i was interested.

I like how you have your picture split ...how did you that : >).

Information on how to book mr. Harris , along with the cost for a church revivial on Saturday, August 16th at 11 AM. Length of performance 11-11:30 AM

Hey Gary, The CD is great!!! Hit me back and we will talk about a Centennial Park Date. (678) 608-7638

Love the sight. Give me a little more on your bio..

Love you.

good job